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Ayala Malls and the Philippine Fashion Coalition collaborates with DamaKoLahiKo at the Filipino Fashion Fair

Ayala Malls continues to put local designers in the forefront at the Filipino Fashion Fair in partnership with the Philippine Fashion Coalition. Running until July 2021, the mall-wide fair is supporting DamaKoLahiKo, a campaign promoting and harnessing the rich culture of Filipinos by celebrating it through the five senses. 

Supporting local designers and craftsmanship has long been an important virtue for Ayala Malls. Through the Filipino Fashion Fair, more talents are given the opportunity to showcase their collections in a bigger retail space. Multiple pop ups and trunk shows will be set up at the Activity Centers of Alabang Town Center on June 25-27; Ayala Center Cebu on July 2-4; Ayala Malls Manila Bay on July 9-11; and U.P. Town Center on July 16-18. 

The fair revolves around the theme “Kalye.” A concept deeply ingrained in local culture, kalye is the heart of interaction in a community — this is where children play, men and women socialize, and communities share stories with each other. Given this, participating fashion designers are showcasing collections that reflect the current social realities of local communities such as the rise of using loungewear, streetwear, and activewear amidst the new normal. 

Thus, the Filipino Fashion Fair mall pop-ups will be categorized into pambahay, panlakad, pangtrabaho, panglibangan, and pang-exercise, among others, with featured creations by local designers including Adante, Ai-she Fashion, Alchemista, Amano Crafts Creations, Ann Casas Designs, Anya Lim, Basil Malicsi, Beatriz, Dexter Alazas, Dino Lloren, Earl Gariando, Hanz Coquilla, Jessica Ouano of Damgo, Jun Escario, Mjorian, Niño Angeles, Philip Rodriguez, Regina Aquino, Rhett Eala, Tina Campos Jewelry, Harley Ruedas, Bezza Resort Wear, Heritage accesories, Tina Magistrado, Anthill, Filippo by Philip Rodriguez, Vic Barba and Virtucio. Local Merchant Partners will also participate at Alabang Town Center, including Kamiseta, Plains and Prints, Collezione, Lazy Fare, Worship Generation, Annie & Lori, Just G., and Straightforward. The PFC will also have their own booth for the selling of their bayong, brooch, and neck scarf merchandises.

Each mall pop-up is designed to remind guests of Filipino culture. It features a semi-interactive mini community and walkthrough exhibit portraying a small town with a playlist of classic OPM songs as the background music, as well as Ylang-ylang and Sampaguitas as humidifier scents in the venue places. Welcome arcs are installed to depict those commonly found in towns and barangays while patterned street signs serve as guides throughout the entire fair. In addition to fashion and wardrobe items, Ayala Malls’ Filipino Food and Finds Fair also offers local delicacies, potted plants, wood and handwoven home decorations.

As the nation continues to take pride in our unique culture and heritage, celebrate the future of Philippine fashion by supporting local designers at Ayala Malls.

* * *

For more information on ongoing promos, mall events, and safety measures, please visit Ayala Malls or through IG @iloveayalamalls. 

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