15 words with The Moffatts

Always fun to walk down memory lane. I was just watching the music video of If life is so short and couldn’t help smiling. These pre-pubescent boys are wearing baggy — as in two-people-can-fit-in-it — clothes, singing about mortality, and declaring love. But wait, this is a serious song. They’re having a roll call of music legends who passed away. Presley, Cline, Valens, Lennon, Tupac, Cobain. And have they just featured a same-sex couple?

I’m not sure where I’m going with this, except that it’s great to look back, to both reminisce and discover something new with the band you thought was pretty cool then. And learn more about The Moffatts, we did this afternoon.

Catching up with Bob, Scott, and Clint Moffatt.
Catching up with Bob, Scott, and Clint Moffatt.

It’s been 16 years since the Canadian brothers had a concert in the Philippines. On February 18 (Saturday) at the Araneta Coliseum, they’ll have the Manila leg of their “Farewell Tour.” The word “farewell” had us all confused and concerned, but Scott, Clint, and Bob clarified what it meant, as well as shared what they’ve been up to all this time during a roundtable interview with the press. These are what we’ve gathered:

1. IMMATURE – How they describe themselves. They might be older in age, but they still have a youthfulness about them. That’s why they have no problems as adults performing the songs they sung in their boyhood. “We’re not grown-ups, we’re still immature,” they said.

2. FILMING – What Scott will be doing in the Philippines soon. He’s filming a music video for his first single as a solo artist. It might come out next year.

3. YOGA – What Dave is busy with now. Dave is the fourth brother and former member of the band. Now he’s a yoga instructor. “It would be nice if Dave was here,” said Scott.

4. THE BEATLES – How they feel like when they’re in the country. The Moffatts had a number one record here, and they also had their first arena concert here. “It’s cool that these girls are the same age as us, and they’re still screaming,” they said, talking about their loyal fans. “I think you shouldn’t stop feeling that way.”

5. COUNTRY – The music they’ve always played and will always have an influence on them. “We’re country singers before,” they shared. “We just kept evolving. We did what we wanted to do, for better or worse.”

Bob and Clint still looking like boys.

6. FACEBOOK – Where they constantly keep in touch with fans. It’s where they realize that they still have an audience craving their live performances.

7. SKYPE – Where they sometimes rehearse.

8. HIGH NOTES – What they confidently claim they can still hit. (We’ll find out on Saturday.)

9. HANSON – Their rival; also another band they respect. Bob’s wife is a big Hanson fan. “I’ve met them and they’re actually Moffatts fans. We have a mutual respect for what we’re doing,” he said.

10. FAREWELL – What they’re not exactly doing. They’re not saying good-bye. “We never leave anything off the table,” they said. What fans can expect during the show, according to the band, is a lot of The Moffatts songs, plus some new materials for their individual efforts.

Clint showing his tattoo.

11. CRAZY – One of the brothers’ favorite songs of theirs.

12. PASSIONATE – How they describe Filipino fans.

13. MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY – The song they dedicate to Filipinos. “That’s the song that got us a call, saying that we should come here,” they said.

14. RELEVANT – What they’re not trying to be. “If I like our music, there’s going to be another person who will like it. Trying to be relevant — that’s not what we strive to be,” said Scott. “We’re just trying to be as good as we can,” added Bob.

15. AUTHENTIC – How they want to be remembered.


Since they’ve been gone for 16 years, we’re adding a 16th item to the list.

16. HIDDEN TALENT – What they all have. Scott can bake. Clint is great with cameras. Bob plays hockey and is good at mechanical stuff.

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