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‘The Crown’s’ Vanessa Kirby thinks Princess Margaret is ‘too cool’ for social media

Princess Margaret, Queen Elizabeth II’s feisty, rebellious sister, is getting a lot of attention in Season 2 of Netflix’s original drama series, The Crown, as she meets a new man. At the world premiere of Season 2 in London, United Kingdom, Vanessa Kirby, who plays Margaret, tells us exactly what makes Season 2 so exciting for the Royal Rebel: “I think she thought at this point, she was really tired of the establishment. ‘I need to get out, I can’t stand my mother, I can’t stand my sister.’ And she finds her escape through Tony.”

Tony, as in Antony Armstrong-Jones, is a photographer (i.e. commoner) who catches Margaret’s eye. But does this mean she’s over Peter Townsend? “I don’t know how you could be. It’s not like you’ve fallen out of love with somebody — you’ve literally been told you can’t marry somebody because of crazy reasons, institutional laws. And that breaks my heart. She waited for him for three years. I think she does love Tony, but it’s a completely different thing,” the actress tells GIST.

In the new season, Margaret talks about being “a woman for the modern age,” which makes us think she’d fit right in in 2017, with her vinyl obsession, slow breakfasts and all. Kirby thinks she’d still be a rebel, though. “Somebody that has that force of character and can’t necessarily do the things that other people do — some people she would have been a ballerina or an actress or a dancer, she wasn’t able to do that because of her position. Today, she might have similar frustrations because she also always felt that the monarchy should always keep

Margaret arrives, maybe fashionably late, at Tony’s studio.

moving forward and she was a driver of that. She’s very passionate that the monarchy should change and evolve,” she adds, “I don’t think she’d be on social media. I think she’s too cool for that. We’d see her in all the clubs and she’d probably be even more vocal today.”

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The Crown is now streaming on Netflix.

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