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Cleene Ethyl Alcohol refilling stations make disinfection more affordable and environment-friendly

As thorough disinfection is now the normal way of life, people need a disinfectant that kills 99.9 percent of disease-causing elements wherever they are–at home, in the office, or as a travel necessity. Cleene Ethyl Alcohol is here for every Filipino’s new normal, making sure they stay as clean and as sanitized as possible while they fulfill essential duties outdoors. 

To make alcohol more accessible to Filipino consumers, Cleene partnered with Mercury Drug to provide Ethyl Alcohol to its customers via alcohol refilling stations in select Mercury Drug stores across Metro Manila. Customers can bring clean empty bottles and have these filled with alcohol. Consumers who wish to avail of the alcohol refilling must bring with them a clean, empty alcohol bottle that can contain liquids of 250 ml, 500 ml or 1,000ml to be refilled by a refilling assistant. 

The goal of these refilling stations it to allow more and more Filipinos to have access to alcohol that will keep their hands protected at a more affordable price.

Additionally, it offers an environment-friendly alternative to purchase alcohol since empty bottles will be reused instead of being thrown away. 

In a statement by PHILUSA President & General Manager Mr. Neogin A. Evangelista, he emphasized the need to uplift Filipinos through compassion and kindness. 

According to him, “At PHILUSA, we emphasize the value of malasakit. Extending this simple virtue to our brothers and sisters during this pandemic period—whether by observing habits that will stop the spread of the virus, helping out in outreach programs or promoting healthy practices to our family and friends—will save lives more than we know. We as an organization will continue to pursue and accomplish our purpose as an organization that is to “touch the lives of every Filipino Family anywhere in the world,” most especially during this challenging time.”

The Cleene Ethyl Alcohol 70% solution refilling stations are now available in select Mercury Drug outlets. 

For further announcements, follow the Cleene Facebook page at

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