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This Sustainable Wristwatch Is A Love Letter to the Sea

Timex partners with #tide in creating a watch made of 100% ocean-bound plastic.

The new Timex Waterbury Ocean collection brings sustainability forward by using upcycled waste. The new Timex Waterbury Ocean collection shows that innovation and sustainability can coexist beautifully. This sustainability effort honors and supports the Timex brand’s rich legacy of design and legendary durability while pursuing a more sustainable future for all. Additionally, this collection is aligned with the Timex brand’s commitment to take a stand in support of important issues such as pollution in our ocean ecosystem.

The Waterbury Ocean Collection is made possible by partnering with #tide, an award-winning organization that works to prevent new plastics from entering the ocean. Every watch in this collection contains Swiss-made #tide ocean material directly from ocean-bound plastic to make the bracelet, case, and dial. Every timepiece is also wrapped in sustainable packaging.

Saving Our Seas

This line of watches is made with 100% upcycled materials, meaning that every single component — from the watch face to the strap — has been repurposed from plastic products. By supporting this collection, you become a part of a meaningful cause that brings a much more significant impact to conserving our environment, particularly our oceans, which benefits our planet. Because every timepiece produced in the Timex Waterbury Ocean Collection uses 100% ocean-bound plastic, every purchase helps:

  • Remove plastic bottles from polluting our oceans
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Saves fossil resources
  • Creates jobs for fishermen

Every plastic material is sorted, shredded, washed, and sent to Switzerland from plastic bottles collected at ocean clean-ups. The Swiss facility uses carbon-neutral transport and solar power, turning every plastic into versatile granular materials. These materials are then turned into beautiful and functional timepieces in tune with Timex craftsmanship that can last you for many years.

Fashion With a Purpose

The Timex Waterbury Ocean collection features five colorways, including gray/gunmetal, navy, gray/rose gold, blue, and pink. You can choose the color that best fits your personality! Every watch in this collection features a case, bracelet and dial made using #tide Upcycled Ocean-Bound Plastic. It’s also water resistant up to 30m and comes in 2 case sizes: 42mm case with 20mm lug and 37mm case with 18mm lug for both men and women.

The new Waterbury Ocean Collection starts at P7,490 SRP and is available for purchase at all Timex, Watch Republic shops, and select Department Stores nationwide. You can also get yours online via Not only are these watches stylish and sustainable, but they’re also built to last. Timex is a reputable and well-known watch brand with over 160 years of experience crafting high-quality timepieces. So you can rest assured that your new watch will stand the test of time. 

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