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5 things we can expect from ‘The Crown’ Season 2, according to history

The Crown Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix. If you haven’t binge-watched yet (because Friday), here’s what you can expect from this exciting new chapter in Queen Elizabeth II’s reign:

Prince Philip’s World Tour. In 1956-57, Prince Philip embarked on a long and ambitious Commonwealth Tour that separated him from his family. He also opened the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne as the Queen’s representative.

Philip, played by Matt Smith, stands on the deck of HMS Britannia.

Prince Philip’s coronation. On February 22, 1957, the palace granted the His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh the title of Prince of the United Kingdom of Great Britain, North Ireland and Whitehall.

Elizabeth at Prince Philip’s investiture

The meeting of Princess Margaret and Antony Armstrong-Jones. Princess Margaret met photographer Antony at a dinner party in 1958 and were wed in May of 1960, with the approval of the royal family. Tony was a commoner and the first one to wed a king’s daughter in 400 years.

Tony and Margaret share a moment at their engagement party.

The first and only meeting of Queen Elizabeth and JFK. John F. Kennedy and Jaqueline Kennedy met the Queen and Prince Philip at a dinner party Buckingham Palace in 1961. It was not an official state visit.

JFK introduces himself to Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Charles goes to school. In 1962, then 13-year-old Prince of Wales attended Gordonstoun, a public school in Scotland, which his father, Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh attended as a child.

Philip in his old dormitory at Gordonston

* * *

Season two of Netflix original series The Crown streams Dec. 8. For information, follow @TheCrown on Twitter and Instagram or visit



Photos courtesy of James Gillham/Netflix

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