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WAIS Weekend: Doing the laundry as meditation

There’s an idea. It may seem incongruous at first, but ticking off chores on our to-do lists can double as meditative work. Hear me out. According to science, doing the laundry (machine or otherwise) and other chores can help us unwind.

Researchers from the Florida State University found that focusing on the sensory part of doing laundry is a way of practicing mindfulness. In the study, people who mindfully did their chores showed a 27% decrease in nervousness and anxiety, and a 25% increase in creativity and mental inspiration.

What does this entail? Focusing on the smell of detergent, feeling of various textures of fabrics against one’s skin, and listening to the drumming sounds of the machine against the soothing splashing sounds of water.

We all have to do laundry at some point — why not take it as an opportunity to recharge our minds? Try it and let us know how it goes.

* * *

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