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How an Air Fryer Is Keeping Is Keeping Me Sane

Since the beginning of the pandemic and the WFH scene, it’s been a challenge to squeeze anything in between chores and calls. In fact, it’s all we seem to do. Chores, calls, a little but of work, chores, lunch, work, calls, calls, chores, dinner, chores.

I used to dread that window right before lunch — 11:30 to 12 — when I’d have to start cooking or else nobody eats. Being in charge of cooking is good for me and it can actually be a therapeutic break from the screen. It stops being fun when meetings go on overtime and suddenly it’s 10 to twelve and there’s still nothing on the table.

How could I have known that an air fryer, such a glaringly utilitarian and unromantic object, was the solution to my problems? Prior to getting my Hanabishi Air Fryer 3.2 L, I’ve always associated the device with healthy cooking (even though most people I know use it for making fries). Its time-saving — sanity-saving — aspect isn’t really that obvious, but hear me out.

Imagine frying chicken in the middle of a busy work day. It’s a simple enough dish but it does demand attention. All of it. I’ve never been able to cook chicken on a weekday until I got an air fryer, which allows me to fry it — to crisp and even perfection — while speaking in a workshop, playing with the dog, or taking a quick shower.

Of course, you can cook other things aside from chicken. I’ve made plantains, nuggets, and salmon. Next on my list is air-fried donuts. Wish me luck!

Hanabishi Air Fryer 3.2 L

I’m using this air fryer, which is large enough to fit a whole, regular sized chicken. It has a nice, modern design and a non-slip base, and a one to 30-minute cooking time setting. At 280x330x330 mm, it can fit on most countertops. You can get the Hanabishi Air Fryer 3.2 L at Shopee Mall.

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