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An Ode to Colourette’s Colourbalm

(In photo: Colourette Shimmertint in Rose Quartz, Colourtint in Ava, Colourbalm in Cosmo, Easy Matte in Felt Cute, and Coloursnap in Milk are available at Shopee Mall.)

As a certified balm girl, one way for a brand to win my heart is to come out with an impressive lip balm.

A good lip balm passes the smack test: if you press your lips together, they should feel smooth against each other — not sticky. You shouldn’t be seeing goo stretching like mozzarella when you smack your lips. The product should stay on your lips but you should notice that it’s there. It should feel cushy and comfortable. Most of all, it should be pigmented.

Colourette Colourbalm

Colourette’s Colourbalm ticks all the boxes, delivering moisture, pigment, and shine. It feels as if you could wear it to bed because it’s so comforting. Of course, you should try not to because you’ll stain your pillows. You can, however, wear it all day. It doesn’t dry the lips or leave uneven stains. It looks great on-cam, too.

Colourbalm comes in four universally flattering shades: Cosmo, Tropic, Bikini, and Morena.

Colourette Cosmetics is available at Shopee Mall.

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