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Everybody’s raving about Mighty Quinn’s Brontosaurus

Have you ever had a Brontosaurus before? Not the extinct prehistoric creature, no — I mean the dish. Or rather, the humongous slab of delicious, jiggly, fat-interspersed meat that you can only find at Mighty Quinn’s. Just yesterday you can only have it in the States. Today, Mighty Quinn’s in SM Megamall is officially open to the public, serving what has been dubbed by no less than The New York Times as the best barbecue in NYC.

Mighty Quinn's Brontosaurus Ribs
Mighty Quinn’s Brontosaurus Ribs

What makes a barbecue the best? It’s how it’s cooked. If you’re the kind of person who’d eat just anything, you might be thinking that the process doesn’t matter, it’s a means to an end and that is your stomach. Wrong. The process of slow-smoking makes a difference and it’s what Mighty Quinn’s founder and pit master Hugh Mangum, NYC’s “King of Barbecue” takes pride in.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, but with a dad from Texas and a mom from Brooklyn, Mangum got a taste of all worlds. It was his dad’s fondness for barbecue that made him passionate about staying true to the traditional way of cooking it, and his dad’s hobby became his way of life.

Mighty Quinn’s barbecues are slow-smoked for 18 to 20 hours, so their commissary never sleeps. It’s the most important step in getting that tender, juicy, tasty and evenly cooked meat. “Traditional barbecue is meat slow cooked over indirect heat over a long period of time. It’s not roasted, it’s not grilled, it’s not baked, it’s not boiled,” says Mangum. “There’s nothing wrong with ribs you’ve had in the past, but smoked ribs that are truly smoked should have a snap to it. When you bite it, it should have teeth marks. It should’t be slipping off the bone. More people mess it up than do it well.”

Mighty Quinn’s has briskets, brisket burgers, chicken, sausages — all kinds of meat slow-smoked to deliciousness. The sides are no wallflowers either. The sweet potato mash has a nice Christmasy flavor that works well with the meat. There’s also potato salad and broccoli salad.

I know what you’re thinking — “But is there rice?” Of course, The Standard Group (who also brought Yabu, Ramen King and Ippudo to the Philippines) thought about that. What’s a Pinoy meal without rice? So the Philippines is the only market where Mighty Quinn’s serves its own recipe of rice. They’ve also made the prices affordable. John Concepcion, CEO of The Standard Group, says they wanted the dishes to be around the P500 mark so more people can enjoy them. Plus, they’re huge so they’re good for sharing as well.

* * *

Mighty Quinn’s is now open at the 3rd level of Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall.


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