5 Ways to Keep a Tidy Home During the Ber Months

October is the start of the most hectic quarter of the year. There’s a lot to do at work and a whole lot more to attend to at home. Keeping your home healthy can be a real challenge with all the responsibilities you have to juggle. Here are 5 quick ways to clean up your home every morning to avoid dirt, clutter, and odor.

  1. Air it out. Fresh air and good ventilation are essential to good health. Letting out damp are and reducing condensation can help clear out virus particles and discourage molds and germs from breeding. Opening your windows and doors for a few minutes every morning can improve your home’s ventilation and cleanliness.
  2. Do a quick vacuum scan. Here’s another thing to do every morning. Take five minutes to vacuum dust-prone areas in your home to prevent dirt from building up and getting too difficult to clean. Don’t let it reach a point where you’re gonna need a professional. Maintaining your home daily, even just with a quick scan, not only significantly reduces the amount of dust, but your level of stress, too.
  3. Put things back where you got them. Try to give your things a home, whether that’s a box, drawer, or basket, and put them back after using them. Returning things to their homes immediately is the most effective way to avoid clutter. Another thing is to avoid giving yourself flat, empty spaces to pile things on. Set up a nice table setting or add some flowers in a vase — anything to keep you from throwing your laundry all over it.
  4. Avoid that ‘kulob’ smell. Wearing stinky clothes can make you feel dirty, no matter how clean you are. That amoy kulob is caused by trapped moisture and bacteria in clothes. You can avoid this by using a bacteria-killing detergent like Surf Cherry Blossom Laundry Powder Detergent with Active Clean Technology, which whitens laundry and makes it more fragrant. For tough stains, use Breeze Anti-Bacterial Powder Detergent with Germ-Attack Technology, which easily removes stains, keeps colors bright, and kills up to 99.9% of germs and Coronavirus in one wash.
  1. Regularly disinfect your bathroom. A clean bathroom is half the battle — that’s how difficult it is to clean. Following the same philosophy above, regular, mini cleaning sessions can help prevent build up from getting out of control. It also keeps odors at bay, which may be undetectable to you but could be very strong to a guest. Use Domex Ultra Thick Bleach Toilet Cleaner to regularly disinfect your toilet, bathroom sink, and floors. It kills germs, prevents mold and limescale, and eliminates odor easily.

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