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81-year-old South African artist Esther Mahlangu and 600-year-old Belvedere vodka team up

Luxury vodka house Belvedere has the right idea: team up with cool people to do good things. This time, the brand has partnered South African artist Esther Mahlangu to create a limited-edition aesthetic for Belvedere RED.

Belvedere has been a proud partner of the non-profit organization RED since 2011 and it already generated enough money to provide over 30,000 women with access to life-saving treatment that helps stop the transmission of HIV to their babies—but the battle isn’t over and there’s still so much work left to do.

The vodka brand recently launched a campaign called #MakeTheDifference as they pledge to donate 50% of the profits from every limited- edition bottle sold to the Global Fund to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa.

John Legend, who is also chosen to be the Global Ambassador this year, brings his soulful artistic style to the (BELVEDERE) RED campaign, curating a unique program to Make The Difference.

On the limited-edition bottle, an inspiring message from Legend reads, “This is no ordinary mission and this is no ordinary bottle. It is filled with hope and an unstoppable spirit for change. Working together, our efforts with (BELVEDERE) RED can make a real difference.”

The bottle is decorated with vibrant art and colorful symbols created by Mahlangu who was inspired by the traditional painting style of Ndebele tribe. “I was very excited when I saw Esther’s design for the bottle for the first time. I think it is beautiful and very appealing and combines Esther’s and Belvederes aesthetics. It combines both cultures and the people we are trying to help,” says Legend.

The limited edition bottle costs the same as the regular Belvedere bottle but aside from the beautiful art and Legend’s signature, Belvedere (RED) is special as it gives everyone the power to give back. The special edition Belvedere (RED) bottle is available for purchase at leading supermarkets.

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