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The ‘zine community thrives through Cebu Zine Fest

On August 2 to 3, 2019, 856G Gallery  will be celebrating its fourth Zine Fest and we hope that you continue to support our growing community space.  At #cebuzinefest, visitors can buy publications directly from publishers, artists, and de­signers who create handmade publications. Visitors can also enjoy various events including workshops, panel discussions, live music, great coffee and tasteful snacks. 

Zine Fest began in the year 2016 with a goal to gather designers, artists, musicians, studios, presses, bookshops as well as indepen­dent publishers. The first Zine Fest was able to garner 50 zine makers from all over the world creating a diverse environment that enabled the space to cater to different programs. With the success of the first Zine Fest the gallery has decided to make it an annual program and continue to collaborate with the creative scene of Cebu and those beyond its borders. 

The Cebu Zine Fest is brought to you by the Tropical Futures Institute whose aim is to continue to decentralize culture in order to champion other perspectives, stories, ideas, futures and voices.

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