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Interiors trendsetters share what they wouldn’t have in their own homes

The pandemic has shaped many interior design trends: broken-plan spaces that transform into Zoom meeting backgrounds, statement vases and mirrors, color-blocked walls, and lots and lots of indoor greenery. While they all look good on Instagram, which of them actually make sense, design-wise, and which ones don’t? We asked interior design trendsetters which ones they wouldn’t bring into their homes and why.

Christine Dychiao, founder, Spark Joy PH 

Maximimalism: highly decorated with layered textures, typically lots of objects that tell the story of the people who live in the home. Interesting in principle, like a museum of me! It looks good in photos but I just know it will be hard to maintain, especially since we’re all prone to allergies and I don’t know if I can commit the time to dust regularly. 

Kay Concengco, co-founder, Lamanaph

There are more and more people into the “all wood” interiors trend to the point that they’re willing to use unnatural materials to achieve it. For instance wooden vinyl tiles, wood grain stickers, and there’s even a paint roller that mimics wood grains that is being sold. You either do it right or don’t do it just yet. Being a woodworker, there is just no substitute to real wood. I think instead of transforming things with hacks like this, we should appreciate things for what they are. 

Midcentury Manila

I have nothing against those who use reproduction furniture, but this is something we wouldn’t have in our space, mostly because of what we do, and our efforts to advocate for original pieces and the value of good design (would much rather have a well made, nameless piece than a copy)… and also fake/plastic plants!

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