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How to make Saab Magalona’s breakfast omelette

Breakfast being an essential part of the day is something that TV personality Saab Magalona believes in. A doting mother to Pancho and Vito, she never misses the chance to start their day right by cooking something simple yet special. 

“When preparing meals for the boys, I always think about what’s healthy for them and what they will enjoy. With the current situation, I want to make sure that they are eating food that will boost their immunity,” Saab shares in her vlog where she also featured the favorite recipe of her son Pancho. 

As a growing boy, one would think that Pancho is at his picky stage of eating, but as it turns out, he actually loves his veggies!

Saab’s secret? “Find what your kids love and work with it.” 

For breakfast, she loves whipping up a quick recipe made of broccoli, kale, spinach, eggs, yogurt, and garlic—foods that are all good for boosting the immune system. According to Saab, she makes sure to not only prepare dishes that her sons will love, but she also considers how healthy the cooking process is and how much it can help their overall health. 

“I make sure to use everything,” she added, saying that she sometimes even uses vegetable stalks for juicing and making soups. 

Pacific Sunrise 100% Vegetable Oil

Super Pancho’s Breakfast Omelette

Putting attention to the way food is prepared is something any doting mom can relate to. Despite our love for easy, fried food for breakfast, it’s still important to consider how the food is cooked because it also affects the nutrition we are getting. 

“I also make sure that the oil I use is healthy. I like that Pacific Sunrise is enriched with Vitamins A and B, Omega 6 and 9, plus it has 0 percent cholesterol and trans fat. Also, it is non-GMO so it is perfect for a healthy breakfast for my family.” 

Pacific Sunrise cooking oil is a brand of Agri Pacific Corporation (which is under the Rebisco Group of Companies), which advocates healthy and meaningful breakfasts. In addition to being packed with vitamins and nutrients that can boost the immune system, it is also considered best to use for various cooking methods thanks to the healthier processing it goes through compared to non-palm-based oils. On top of that, it has a neutral and clean taste which allows the flavor of anything you cook with it to be the star!

So how does a healthy and happy start to a new day look like? For Saab and her family, it’s a perfect plate of omelette that’s made with love. 

Pacific Sunrise is available in 500ml pouches (Php52.50), 1 liter bottles (Php97.50), and 2 liter pouches (Php176.50) in leading supermarkets. You can also order them on Lazada ( and Shopee ( For more information about the products, visit their website at  or their Facebook ( and Instagram ( pages. 

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