New Year, For One


While everyone keeps harping on about how awful 2020 has been to them, they’re also developing catchphrases like “the new normal,” “2020 better not be back,” or, “so ready for 2021.” This is where things get a little bit complicated for me.

Just think of it this way, our next chapter will be a new decade. God forbid I should dwell on the breakdown of a relationship at the onset of the new year, but being alone and lonely can send one into a spiral — one we all had to grapple with in some form.

The lockdown saw me cooped up in my room solo. My fashion books and mags served me well at the start, until the darkness around me and the disturbance within me started eating at me. I remember bouncing back from the bowers of my depression by dressing up extra everyday and by doing stuff I enjoyed. It wasn’t easy then, and it’s not any easier now.

To those spending the new year solo, I say:

Prep your food

If you fancy a roll of salami, cubes of different cheeses, a huge log of bruschetta you  can slice as you go along, a jar of facy organic jam, you can just roll with your wooden cheeseboard. A thin portion of fruitcake or a fat slice of that signature you got for Christmas. And for dessert, a huge fat slice of that decadent chocolate cake you got from a baker friend will wash off all your woes.

Fix your fizz

Next is, fixing your fizz! Prep your crystal goblets and chill your bottle of champagne. Light your scented candles for that posh ambience and have your phone ready for the countless selfies that will surely happen,  

Find your fashion

For crying out loud, there’s a pandemic, the least we can do is keep things chic. Embrace the party theme — gold, blocks of vibrant colors, accessories galore, minimalist nude. Find the look that works for you — say, a velvet jumpsuit in a  ravishing oxblood hue. When will you ever those knee-high boots from H&M, not Hermés. Time to step into the light and just have a merry time. 

It’s really a new year. Stop ruminating over how awful 2020 has been for the world. I know that this is easier said than done, especially for those who lost employment, or cannot readily come home. But, I say, cry one last time for all the plans you lost, pack all the ugly memories, and throw them into a burning fire.

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