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Is Miriam Bancroft the future of anti-aging?

In case you haven’t seen Netflix’s latest — intense — sci-fi show Altered Carbon, Miriam Bancroft is the extremely wealthy wife of shady Meth (the richest and most powerful people in the AltCarb universe), Laurens Bancroft. She’s also near-immortal, because in their world, money can buy eternal life, or at least buy an endless supply of tradeable bodies to transfer your consciousness onto when one’s current “sleeve” (i.e. body) dies. In one episode, Miriam talks about how her sleeve is state-of-the-art Merge9 — which emits pheromones when she’s getting #thirsty. At least that was the one she was wearing at that time. She has different sleeves for different purposes. If this is the future of anti-aging (one of her daughters is in her 70s), we’re very afraid — for our bank accounts.

Kristin Lehman as Miriam Bancroft in Netflix’s “Altered Carbon”

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