LOOK: Breathtaking production stills from Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ season 2

It appears there is no goofing around on the set of Netflix’s original drama series The Crown, judging from these recently behind-the-scenes photos and production stills. If anything, it looks like every single day of shooting is a photoshoot waiting to happen, what with the show’s iconic locations, ornate sets, and fabulous costumes (cc: Princess Margaret). Have a look:

Buckingham Palace’s Chinese Ballroom featured in “The Crown” (Photo: Netflix)
Aww: The Queen’s corgis run out to greet the Royal family (Photo: Netflix)
Final preparations for the Queen Mother, played by Victoria Hamilton (Photo: Netflix)
Philip’s wardrobe (Photo: Neflix)
Matt Smith, Claire Foy, and Lyla Barret-Rye arrive for their scene at Balmoral (Photo: Netflix)
Westminster (Photo: Netflix)
Margaret waits for Tony at his studio (Photo: Netflix)
Elizabeth ahead of her first television appearance (Photo: Netflix)
Elizabeth (Photo: Netflix)

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