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Princess Margaret: A look at the royal rebel and style icon’s past and future fashion moments in ‘The Crown’

She may not have The Crown, but she is queen of style. Queen Elizabeth II’s little sister Margaret, a chain-smoking, hungover trainwreck played by Vanessa Kirby, packs a lot of style and sass. Remember when she had to take over Elizabeth’s engagements because the Queen had to go on her tour? Yeah, that was a fun episode. We like seeing her in her element — in the spotlight — but even when depressed, which she almost always is thanks to her breakup with CaptainPeter Townsend in season 1), she remains fabulous. Always irreverent and showing a little bit more skin than both Queen Mother and Queen Elizabeth would like, Margaret’s take on royal dressing is A-plus.

The real Princess Margaret earned her a nickname in the ’50s: “The Margaret Look,” which captures her “royal rebel” attitude. She was definitely punk-rock ahead of her time. In the show, Vanessa Kirby works with costume designer Michele Clapton, who was responsible for Game of Thrones‘ Emmy-winning wardrobe. In an interview, Clapton says, “Margaret’s dresses have had two or three [fittings] — the waist is tighter, the skirt is fuller. She could do that because she had the space and time to be a fashion icon. With Margaret I tried to be a bit more sophisticated, so I put mauves with mink and used a bit of Brutalist print. I wanted to show what was going on in architecture, what was happening in Soho.”

Margaret after Peter Townsend’s exile. Clapton says, “I love that even then she’s playing for an audience: ‘This is me being devastated’.”

In season 2, which streams December 8, she finds her rebound guy, Antony Armstrong-Jones, AKA Lord Snowdon, played by Matthew Goode. While we look forward to that, let’s take a look at Margaret’s past and future outfits:

Margaret in her riding outfit
Casual, most likely depressed Margaret
Princess in the spotlight
Cigarette break, draped in diamonds, of course
Margaret waits for Tony at his studio.
Tony Armstrong Jones prepares to photograph Margaret at his studio.
Tony and Margaret share a moment at their engagement party.
Tony and Margaret at Edward’s baptism.
Margaret and Tony at Clarence House
Margaret, street-style star, arrives, maybe fashionably late, at Tony’s studio.

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