Who influences Generation Z?


The world is run by smartphones, tablets, television, dating apps… it is impossible not to think of the influence these things behold on the youth. Here in the Philippines we always hear comments (mostly our Titas) that “Mga Millennial today, Diyos ko! They are so ano, always on their phones and their computers.” Our mothers gets mad at us for using too much of our gadgets, even blaming it for everything wrong that happens. You trip, get scratched — mother blames the computer. You get sick, mother blames the computer. Had a bad day, perhaps? Mother still blames the computer. And then your Tita backs her up by saying, “Millennial talaga, always on their phone.” Older generations believe we are influenced by technology. They forget that there is an entire demographic hot on our heels, even more immersed in it — Generation Z.

Generation Zers are those that come shortly after the millennials, born somewhere in between 1993 and 2001. They also call themselves the iGen or the post-millennials. They are the generation born directly during the age of technology. In many studies, Generation Zers tend to lack focus and can’t keep steady. But this is also the generation that fights gender stereotypes, and can multi-task. They rise up to the occasion and face challenges in a more creative manner, a new breed indeed.

This new generation, having born into the digital age, tend to want things to happen NOW. Instantaneous and authentic are two words that describe their mindset. They want things fast; they want things now.

Generation Zers are a pretty cool generation (don’t argue, but Generation Zers are quite competitive, too). But who influences them? Who do they look up to? Are they really as different as the rest of us, millennials?

We went out on an adventure and asked a few of Generation Zers who their life pegs are or who they aspire to be like. Many of those asked, answered their parents, some Hollywood stars, others, individuals in politics. A few believed not to aspire like anyone else because they believe in being original.

It’s a shock. They aspire to be their parents. *wiping tears*

Let’s all be honest here. For a second, I’m sure you thought the Kardashians would be their biggest influence, or some Hollywood star they follow on social media. But nope, Generation Zers beg to differ. At the end of the day, they still look up to their mamas and papas. Looks like Tita was wrong for backing Mother up when she blamed the computer for everything. Every generation proves to be a lot more complex than what studies and Buzzfeed quizzes make them out to be. Humans can’t be defined by textbooks, after all.


(Franz Tionko, 17)

(Gelynne Santos, 17)

(Anne Maano, 17)

(Chelsea Colico,17)

(Diane Bobier, 17)

(Enzo Elisan, 17)

(Jeanne Moreno, 17)

(Mike Aguinaldo, 17)

(Tricie Mendoza, 17)

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