Chef Balam Nazar of Lo De Alberto takes us through his morning

This is Balam Nazar: critical, unapologetic, and a crusader for authentic Mexican food. Follow the head chef of Lo de Alberto himself as he spends his morning buying fresh produce, criticizing “Buzzfeed cuisine,” and #hustling in the kitchen.

Featuring: Balam Nazar of Lo de Alberto

For more #MexicanRealness check out Lo de Alberto here:
Security Check Required

Lo De Albero is located at 1 Doña Julia Vargas Ave, Pasig, Metro Manila, tel. no. (0942-6396711. Open 4 p.m. to 12 a.m. daily. 
* * *

Directed and edited by Marga Magalong
Shot by Helena Baraquel and Ice the Shark
Music by Javier Pimentel and Kevin MacLeod
Presented by GIST PH

1 Comment

  1. My brothe Balam we’re so proud of you because youre doing what. You really like and its soo nice to see you cooking and happy. You have to make more videos liken this from your mexican friends, we miss you brother.


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