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Top Picks from Fresh Healthlab, now on Shopee

Trusted health and wellness brand Fresh Healthlab is now available on Shopee, and GIST has some picks. Check out these hygiene, wellness, and safety essentials from Fresh.

Mybacin Lozenge with Zinc – Lemon Flavor. Zinc is not just a proven immunity booster, it’s also a potent antioxidant that clears the skin, prevents premature aging, and promotes healthy hair growth. This one is a handy lozenge that you can chew on anytime!

Fresh Healthlab+ KF94 Face Mask Beige. Since the spread of the Omicron variant of COVID-19, experts have recommended the use of KF94 and N95 face masks in enclosed spaces. These ones from Fresh Healthlab are comfortable and come in wearable colors.

Fresh with BT21 70% Ethyl Alcohol Solution Alcospray. This alcohol spray from Fresh x BT21 brings a little bit of fun to hand hygiene. It comes in Supernova Blue and Interstellar Apple Green.

Fresh with BT21 Tomato Glass Skin Soothing Gel Lotion 300ml. We’re huge fans of anything tomato for the skin. (Did you know that they’re excellent at reducing the appearance of pores?) So we naturally gravitated towards this tub of Tomato Glass Skin Soothing Gel.

Fresh Charcoal Toothpaste + Mouthwash. We love coffee but we don’t love coffee stains! This charcoal oral care duo is our go-to for brighter, stain-free teeth. They’re also paraben- and triclosan-free!

Head over to Fresh Healthlab, now available at Shopee, for your wellness essentials. #LiveFresh #StayFreshBeProtected

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