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BFF Manila and Heart Evangelista: A match made in luxury heaven

New luxury beauty e-commerce platform BFF Manila is the first and exclusive Philippine distributor of top-tier brands from the world’s Beauty and Fashion capitals such as Dr. Barbara Sturm, Philip B, 111SKIN, EviDenS, and more. For its first outing, it has partnered with Heart Evangelista, dubbed as the real life Astrid Leong from Crazy Rich Asians and, according to Kevin Kwan, a reincarnation of Audrey Hepburn. From beauty and fashion, to art, to furniture, and to even her pets’ essentials, Heart exudes luxury with her one-of-a-kind pieces. 

As a fan of BFF Manila , Heart shared in her recent Instagram post, “You all know how important skincare is to me and I’m so happy to have discovered BFF Manila because they carry all the products I love from all over the world!” While over on her Instagram stories, she wrote, “BFF Manila, my favorite online shop sent me these goodies today. They know how I’ve been so obsessed with face masks” while excitedly opening her package.   

Each carefully curated set, like the one Heart received, is aptly called the Heart of BFF — the créme de la créme of luxury skincare. It has only the best BFF Manila has to offer as each product goes through a 5-point approval system to ensure the product’s formula will do nothing but delight and excite those who use them. 

A Heart-approved favorite

Proving she’s not one to settle for less, the Heart of BFF set contains her favorite eye masks from 111SKIN, which you can see her sporting below while fashionably lounging at home. 

111SKIN is one of the store’s top brands, originating in 111 Harley Street in London and founded by Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, an American and and British-board certified Cosmetic Surgeon. He and his wife created NAC Y2 — an award-winning and iconic formula that instantly repairs stressed and traumatized skin. The powerhouse ingredient, which can be found in products like the Y Theorem Repair Light Serum, is a complex blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids to fast-track the healing time of damaged skin and immerse it in deep moisture, while combating other concerns to leave it firm, hydrated, and with a lit-from-within radiance. 

111SKIN’s wide range of beauty essentials can cater to every skin concern and need to complete your beauty ritual. One of their can’t-miss-out best-sellers are their eye masks. Each one is infused with some of the rarest ingredients in the world like Black Diamonds, 24K Colloidal Gold, and Damask Rose for superior, instant results around the delicate eye area. Heart’s favorites? All of them. She raved, “I love these because it suits all face sizes and fits like a glove” and “gives me that no-makeup glow!”

These luxury, science-led, and Heart-approved skincare pieces are bound to be your next quarantine investment for worthwhile and purposeful self-care and pampering sessions. 

Online shopping done right

Shopping at BFF Manila doesn’t start and end with the website. Their on-call personal shoppers and beauty experts are there to give you a next-level online shopping experience. Accessible through their Instagram account and Viber community, these experts can cater to all your skincare and wellness needs. Take it from Heart, “Best part of shopping at BFF Manila is that they make the process really easy and personalized and you can even consult the BFF Beauty Expert Viber [channel] for skincare recommendations!”

From recommending a personalized routine to sharing the right products and ingredients you should look for in your products, it’s online shopping like you’ve never had before.

For information, visit BFF Manila on Instagram, on their website, or join their Viber community.

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