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#ProjectHappiness: Buy a self-care package, donate to a cause

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — We don’t need to tell you that, despite all the hurdles thrown our way, the bayanihan spirit is alive and well in Filipinos. Maybe the unbelievable overflowing of challenges makes it even more so — we’re all bunker buddies now, each fighting our own battles while collectively facing our generation’s biggest one yet. We’ll get PTSD together, that’s for sure. But there’s more to look forward to and be thankful for, case in point, #ProjectHappiness, a passion project that’s brimming with childlike optimism and whimsy.

#ProjectHappiness is an initiative of Jookie Radoc, who started by putting together self-care packages out of her own pocket, buying interesting from friends and creating gifts that will bring you back to the good old days. Think: hand stamped stationery, postcards, postage stamps, vinyl stickers, wooden clips, washi tape, and other things to get your creative spirit going. The best part is, when you buy a self-care package from #ProjectHappiness, a portion of your money goes directly to a beneficiary; and the rest goes to making more care packages.

Provided food for Filipinos stranded along EDSA Taft

Every week, Jookie searches for individuals in need, on the internet, through friends, or via partner charities. Over the past months #ProjectHappiness has brought exactly what it advertises — happiness amid trying times — to various causes. Through proceeds from self-care packages, it has provided food packs for Filipinos stranded along EDSA Taft, mostly street vendors, garbage collectors, and homeless individuals.

It has also donated medicines to specific individuals, such as Meryl Anne Filomena B. Conching of Pasay City, who was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 5, and was engaged in the lifesaving hemodialysis treatment thrice a week, before the pandemic. #ProjectHappiness has helped her get medication that prevent her catheter from clogging while awaiting surgery.

#ProjectHappiness has also donated food packs to We Are CORA (Communities Organized for Resource Allocation), which supports families in need during the pandemic. Jookie is currently working on her next mission, which is spreading happiness to street children by providing school supplies, food, and toys.

“Our main objective is to spread happiness not only to our clients but also for our beneficiaries. With every purchase, a portion of the proceeds will be used to help individuals and families in need,” says Jookie.

You can choose from two packages, the En Route Bag, a travel-themed package. The package includes a postcard, postage stamp, vinyl stickers, washi tapes, hand stamped stationery, and Air Mail envelope; and a Self-Care Bag, a care package that includes a succulent plant, postcard, vinyl stickers, handmade bookmark, and a chocolate bar.

For inquiries, send a message to Jookie Radoc via Instagram.

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