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BJ Pascual, Jason Magbanua, SUNNIES Girls share camera techniques to try on the Galaxy S20 Series

For Galaxy ambassadors BJ Pascual, Jason Magbanua, Georgina Wilson, Jess Wilson, Martine Cajucom-Ho, and Bea Soriano-Dee, there are various ways to further elevate one’s storytelling skills through mobile photography and videography. 

Here are some tips from the experts when using the Galaxy S20 Series:

  1. Ensure sufficient lighting to get a clear shot. BJ suggested facing a window or waiting for the late afternoon shade. When shooting in dim lighting conditions, use the Galaxy S20’s Night Mode for bright and vivid color expression.
  1. Use the Galaxy S20’s ultra-wide-angle camera to emphasize the environment where the subject is. The standard wide is perfect for bringing the person forward to the frame; the telephoto lens puts more focus on the model. BJ also likes playing with the camera’s distortion effect to make models look taller. The nearer the subject is to the edge of the frame, the more elongated it would look.
  1. For mobile video recording, renowned wedding videographer Jason Magbanua recommended taking videos at home and experimenting with styles using the Galaxy S20 Series’s 4K video shooting format. The device can shoot with up to 8K resolution. 
  1. Use the Live Focus feature to highlight the subject better. This camera function seamlessly isolates the model from the background and applies the “bokeh effect” evenly. Magbanua also suggested using the enhanced Super Steady to get a stable clip of moving subjects.
Shot by Jason Magbanua
  1. Explore the Galaxy S20’s Pro Mode. The feature helps Georgina Wilson, Jess Wilson, Martine Cajucom-Ho, and Bea Soriano-Dee achieve the photo they envisioned since it allows them to freely adjust the camera’s ISO, shutter speed, exposure levels, and white balance settings. 
SUNNIES Girls use the Galaxy S20’s pro mode.
  1. Use filters to emphasize the mood of the photo and curate social media feed perfectly. The Galaxy S20 Series has pre-installed effects users can play with. 

With the devices’ combined breakthrough camera hardware and innovative software AI, users can now capture moments the way they want to see it. 

For information about the Galaxy S20 Series, visit Samsung’s online store at or join the discussion at the Samsung Members Community.

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