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What kind of Netflix fan are you?

Pinoy fans are known to be some of the most passionate people out there. They binge-watch every episode, create trending hashtags, live-tweet emotions, and even make hilariously Pinoy memes.

When it comes to Netflix, Filipinos aren’t just enthusiastic — they come in different forms, too. Do you recognize yourself in one of these barkada bingers?

The Show Juggler
This fan is the daring kind who’s always up for an adventure and discovering something new. Streaming one show at a time is just too clichéd for them, and they are often found juggling multiple shows.
Spirit character: Prince Philip from The Crown




The Netflix Snob
This fan is an early adopter. Watches shows way ahead of others, is up to date on show releases, and knows their shows inside out. Some of them also cross over to the dark side, and become “The Spoiler,” revealing show details to unsuspecting friends.
Spirit character: Jughead Jones from Riverdale



The Kilig Fangirl
Ever had a massive crush on an actor that you couldn’t get over? Here’s a fan you’d relate to. They mostly watch Netflix shows for the charming cast, and usually have Instagram post notifications turned on for their favorite stars.
Spirit character: Elle Evans from The Kissing Booth



The Taralets
This one’s a team player. Always loves to gather the crew or the family around to watch their favorite shows together. Will make sure the streaming does not begin unless each and every member of the group is present, just so that no one misses out on anything. They are the social glue that holds your bingeing barkada together.
Spirit character: Mike from Stranger Things



The Soulful Streamer
An individual who isn’t afraid to express what he/she feels. Will mirror every mood on screen and express it publically. Be it an emotional scene or an action-packed thriller, they are always ready to cry a river or jump across one with excitement.
Spirit character: Frankie from Grace and Frankie




The Crowdsourcer
This is a friend who is never sure what to watch next, and is always seeking suggestions… no matter how many shows are already on their list. They always appreciate your tastes and show-spotting talent.
Spirit character: The Professor from Money Heist




The “Isang Episode Na Lang” Streamer
This fan never knows when to stop. Well they know… but just don’t want to. They’re insatiable and always say, “Isang episode na lang.”
Spirit character: Sheila from Santa Clarita Diet





The Taker
They are the ones who enjoy hours and hours of entertainment, without ever worrying about the payment. Parents, sibling, partner, colleague, friend or even a neighbor might pay for the Netflix account, but they will always reap the benefits. Some are known to even cross the profile boundaries and snoop into what others are watching.
Spirit character: Takeshi Kovacs from Altered Carbon


The Boy Scout
Here’s a fan who plays it smart and is always prepared. You won’t find anyone more proactively prepared than this individual. Every episode is downloaded offline for the week, every free moment of streaming is accounted for, and the battery is always fully charged.
Spirit character: Dustin from Stranger Things

* * *
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