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‘Instagram was made for fashion,’ says Jeremy Scott

In an interview with H&M, Jeremy Scott, the brand’s latest collaborator, shares his views on the role of social media in fashion:

“For me, fashion is about communication. It’s how I communicate with the world and share what’s on my mind, so social media makes a lot of sense. And I think fans connect with it, because it’s genuine. What inspires me, what puts a smile on my face — I share that stuff because it’s real.”

“I think Instagram was made for fashion, because it’s so much about individualism and colour and shape. It’s a really creative medium. It’s a tool of communication and aspiration, and so I try to use it to share a little bit of my work and a little bit of my world, but not too much. It’s a give and take. Maybe I give a little bit of this, and I hold back a little bit of that. Maybe I post some shots from the studio and then maybe I post some fan art. It’s a little peek inside my mind, what I’m looking at and what I love.”

The collection will be available online and in selected stores worldwide from 8 November.

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