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Singaporean band The Sam Willows collaborate with Bulgari in new music video

Bulgari and Singaporean pop band The Sam Willows (comprising siblings Benjamin and Narelle Kheng and their friends Jon Chua and Sandra Riley Tang) collaborate on a music video for their latest single Papa Money, a song that is close to the hearts of the new generation – about people that work hard for their craft, earning their own keep, and proud of their own accomplishments.



The modern world is a labyrinth, an endless maze of tantalizing options, joyful adventures, and promising fun. The new B.Zero1 Labyrinth collection — a fresh interpretation of the iconic B.Zero1 ring launched in 1999 to hail the new millennium, artfully captures this profusion of opportunities. Its architectural spiral of white gold and pink gold morphs into one another in a series of seamless and enigmatic transitions. Bold, unconventional and always breaking boundaries in the music they create,

Bulgari BZero bracelet
Bulgari BZero
BZero Perfect Mistake
BZero Zaha Hadid

The Sam Willows epitomizes the B.Zero1 spirit of ruling by reinventing the rules and the larger-than- life essence of Bulgari. In this music video teaser, The Sam Willows pile on the B.Zero1 collection – an array of bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings, amplifying the group’s energetic, edgy vibe.

Listen to “Papa Money” here.

Catch the full music video on March 2, 2018, via The Sam Willows VEVO YouTube channel!

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