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INTERVIEW: Patrick Starrr created a MAC makeup collection for you and your grandma

With over 130 million views on his makeup-driven YouTube channel, it was just a matter of time before Patrick Starrr finally created his own makeup collection, this time in collaboration with his original mothership (which he describes as “the Hogwarts of makeup,”) MAC Cosmetics. Applying his “one size fits all” philosophy to the new project, Starrr’s collection is made for everybody — including your grandma. The 12-piece collection will be available at MAC counters starting February 2018.

What is your earliest memory of makeup?
PATRICK STARRR: I think my earliest memory of makeup was when I took my parents camcorder and started making home videos with a little makeover show. I remember watching “A Makeover Story” or “The Swan” or beauty pageants and I was inspired to do a makeover show of my own even at such a young age. All of my relatives were included, like my brother and some cousins. During this time is when I started DIY-ing and really playing with makeup. I went into my mom’s stuff and got her a foundation, maybe a blush, a mascara, and a lip balm, and that was the makeover. Beyond that I started to be inspired by YouTube. I would do tutorials and then apply my technique with my door locked and my mom would bang on my door trying to figure out what I was doing!

What was it like working at M∙A∙C? How did you start there?
I really learned a lot about customer service and the power of perception. It is such a strong trait to have and I think being self-aware as a person is super important to me as a makeup artist, to understand who my audience was and what my client wanted when they just walked in the door.
I applied in either 2011 or 2012. I remember turning in my portfolio and my manager was like “Oh my god! It is so nice to meet you!” I gave them my photography portfolio but I never heard back. I started to freelance for friends and family members and started doing photography and then one day, one girl I was photographing wanted her makeup done so I agreed.I wanted to get her a M∙A∙C Lipstick in Verve for the wedding makeup, so I went into the M∙A∙C store. After a bit of chatter with the artists at the counter, and letting them know I too was an artist, they asked me if I was looking for a job. I mentioned that I submitted my portfolio but never heard back so one of them wrote down my name and number and it wasn’t long before I got a call to do a demo.
After doing makeup for my first wedding, I got booked for another and ended up doing makeup on 12 bridesmaids and then had my M∙A∙C makeup demonstration later that day. I remember thinking — If I can get through this I can survive M∙A∙C in Orlando! When I pitched my demo to the manager, I said “You can take this look from day to night and you can use lipstick in “Spice It Up” to spice it up!” She pulled me aside to tell me
that I would be hired as a freelancer and that’s how I got the job.

What was the creation process for the behind the collection, were their inspiration behind the some of the products and colors?
M∙A∙C to me, has everything! They are creative geniuses for sure. I did not want to go too artistry or too avant-garde, because I wanted someone’s grandma to walk in and feel great buying it.
Apart from being online, it is going to be sold in-store and also internationally. I wanted anyone who didn’t know me to be able to use these products to create confident, glamourous, fierce, very Patrick Starrr-esque looks through my collection. I think the inspiration behind this was very much Patrick Starrr, but to make sure it’s universal. Everyone loves makeup, glamour, and sparkle. This is a 12-piece collection which is just insane! It was truly a mind blowing experience and couldn’t believe it was real. I even got to come up with the names. It was such a historic moment for me and couldn’t be more excited for everyone to see how it comes to life!

What is your favourite must-have product in your collection?
The must-have product is the powder! The colour, texture, and versatility is great for all skin tones and the packaging is amazing.

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