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All Tea No Shade: My Top 3 for RPDR All Stars 3

We are here and we are queer! Queen Mother, RuPaul, released a special sneak-peak for RuPauls Drag Race All Stars 3 and we are all living! In the sneak-peak, Ru reveals nine queens; they are as follows:

  • BenDeLaCreme (season 6),
  • Trixie Mattel (season 7),
  • Milk (season 6),
  • Thorgy Thor (season 8),
  • Kennedy Davenport (season 7),
  • Aja (season 9),
  • Chi Chi DeVayne (season 8),
  • Morgan McMichaels (season 2)
  • Shangela, (season 2 & 3)


Phot Credits: VH1

Mother Ru surely did not come to mess aroubd; as she calls back these hungry gals to go weave-to-weave in the All Stars arena.

We’ve all been waiting quite a long time for the new All Stars, it’s about time we discuss who our top 3 bets are. Now, just a daily reminder that this is all tea-no shade-no pink lemonade! 

Photo Credit: Twitter; RuPauls Drag Race


First bet: Shangela! How can we forget about her? She’s sickening and she built herself from the ground up. I am quite certain she’ll be going far in this competition; she is the Queen Of All Comebacks and is a very well seasoned queen. Shangela competed in season 2, and then was delivered in a box to season 3, and fought a few aliens in The X-Files – she’s definitely a look out for All Stars 3!

Next bet, we’ve got MILK! This queen does a body good! This season 6 queen got us thirsting for her looks and aesthetics 24/7 during her season (you should see her out of drag and thank me later.) This beauty of a queen is back to prove to everyone that gender has no boundaries and is ready to show the world what drag is all about. Throwing her out for a beard and having it as a ‘challenge look’ the next season surely got Milk’s nerve, but now this beauty is back with more legenDAIRY looks to satisfy our thirst for him, er, her, er, I mean the competition.

Photo Credit: Twitter; RuPauls Drag Race


Last and definitely not the least, everyone let us welcome to the stage, Trixie Mattel! From Maury Povich to Mall Stars to All Stars, how can we not have Trixie Mattel as a top bet? Ever since her controversial elimination, Mother Ru has kept her eyes on her. Trixie did not disappoint; she’s been out on tours, has songs on top-chart, has a YouTube special entitled ‘Unhhh!‘ with Katya and a new TV series (also with Katya) entitled: The Trixie and Katya Show. Without a doubt, Trixie is ready to give us more of that honeyyy-ohh-honeyy, more of her dark humor and  more of that unique un-blended  look that we all gag for!

Other than my top 3 bets, I’m rooting for a few more queens. I believe that Aja will be having more iconic lines, more weaves to snatch and will be giving out more drama to live for this All Star season. Chi Chi DeVayne is a must watch too; this crawfish queen has polished her looks and has more splits to serve! Lastly, Kennedy Davenport; this queen will be giving the other girls some real struggle because she’s got real talent. I mean, she’s a LipSync Queen! These three queens gave it their all on their season and are now ready for this extravanganza of a competition.

Despite the controversy with the cast, I still believe it is going to be one mothertucking hell of a season. And hunty, it’s RuPaul! Queen Mother has definitely got something up her sleeve — after all, Mother Ru did reveal only nine out of supposedly ten girls….

Who are your top 3 bets?

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 begins early 2018 on VH1.


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