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This Guess perfume takes us back to 1981

Remember, in high school, when you could pretty much identify what perfume your classmate is wearing with a single sniff? Scents were so limited back in the day that those that we wore have become so iconic. House of Guess recently took us back to the carefree days of the ’80s at the launch of GUESS 1981, a fresh, modern scent for women, inspired by the Guess heritage — that means it’s sexy, sort of familiar, and cool, just like your old high school crush.

GUESS 1981, the new fragrance from Guess

To celebrate the partnership with Rustan’s the Beauty Source, Guess launched a throwback-style house party-inspired event called Eau Yes Guess at Rustan’s Makati Grand Mall. This showcased the multitude of scents in the true spirit of the House of Guess. Guests and customers explored the different rooms and lounged with their squad while trying on the various scents from Guess Fragrances.

GUESS 1981 celebrates different dimensions of the brand’s heritage. The simple, understated fragrance also embodies L.A. lifestyle, where the brand was founded, and echoes notes of Southern Californian nature through clean, textured woods and airy, sensual musks. It opens with a powdery violet and woody ambrette, which later transforms into tantalizing jasmine petals, sweet juicy pear, and sandalwood heart.

Guess Dare for men and women

Like a well-loved pair of vintage jeans, Guess also brings back its iconic scent
GUESS DARE, that evokes confidence, sophistication and sensuality. The floral-
woody-musk composition of Guess Dare for Women provides a passionate cocktail of kumquat, lemon and pear blossom which attracts attention and plays on exotic shades in a modern way; while the Guess Dare for Men possesses a woody-citrus formulation, and a masculine concoction of bergamot, white pepper, geranium and juniper berry.

Guess Seductive for women

Guess Fragrances are now exclusively distributed by Rustan Marketing Corporation and available at select Rustan’s, SM, Landmark, and Robinsons Department Stores. GUESS 1981 is available in 50ml (P2,350) and 100ml (P2,850) Eau de Toilette bottles.

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