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Cyborg a.k.a. Ray Fisher is coming to AsiaPOP Comic Con 2017

AsiaPOP Comic Con Manila announced today that actor Ray Fisher, who plays Cyborg in DC’s Justice League (2017), Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016), Flashpoint (2020) and Cyborg (2020) will be one of the celebrity headliners coming to Manila on Aug. 25 to 27 at SMX Convention Center.

Fisher is a New Jersey-born theater actor who plays Victor Stone or Cyborg, whom we got a glimpse of in last year’s BvS. Cyborg, although part machine, may actually be the most relatable hero in Justice League, because he’s constantly struggling between his tech and human side — now aren’t we all struggling with that as well with our online personas sometimes clashing with our IRL selves?

Cyborg is omnipresent in the digital world, being plugged into every computer on Earth. He’s a professional athlete, but his cyborg-ness keeps him from being so (can you imagine the backlash on Twitter, if he competes against non-technologically enhanced human beings?) He has super strength, speed and endurance, and fights alongside the good guys.

He’s also quite a loner, so let’s give him a warm welcome at AsiaPOP Comic Con in August, okay?

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