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FitFlop styles to wear with everything all summer long

FitFlop launches new styles for summer 2017 and these are our picks. With built-in iQushion technology, each sandal is both lightweight and anatomically contoured; it will change the way you view flip flops forever.

FitFlopTM uses biomechanics to understand better what effect foot movement has on our general well-being. Feeling extra fatigued at the end of the day could be down to many things, including bad footwear, which is why the iQushion midsole, invented to give the wearer ultimate comfort in all the right places, is one of the most innovative FitFlop technology launches to date.

New for Summer 17, the iQushion works by mirroring the natural shape of the foot, providing higher impact absorption at the heel, ball of foot and arch contour. And the great news is, iQushion flip flops come in an array of sprightly summer colours, splashy two-tone prints and shimmery metallics. Proving once again that comfortable shoes are anything but boring.

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1 comment on “FitFlop styles to wear with everything all summer long

  1. Every girl wants a shoe chic and not rubbing. The shoes you post is lovely and looks don’t cut, blister, or mangle your feet!! Nice recommendation!! Lumy Leather Sandal in Bronze is perfect to mix with metallic dress.


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