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Make your first memory of whisky a good one

Whenever someone says, “I don’t like whisky,” chances are they’ve been drinking the wrong kind of whisky. Global Scotch Whisky Master Ewan Gunn believes as much, and so for the whisky novice, he recommends Scotch in particular and to start off with these three bottles: Johnnie Walker Black Label (his go-to Scotch); Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve; and The Singleton.

Your first time to try whisky? Grab a Scotch.

The Singleton was a hit during the kick-off party of #LoveScotch, a month-long celebration of the beloved spirit. “No other spirit in the world offers the same range of tastes, textures, and flavors as Scotch — that’s why it is well-loved in every corner of the globe,” shares Diageo Philippines’ general manager Vanee Gosiengfiao. “Trends come and go, but Scotch has been cool since forever and it is time to properly celebrate that.”

Indian actor Freida Pinto is one of the many fine ladies who #LoveScotch.

We have to agree with the cool factor. James Bond himself is fueled by Scotch. And if you want a female, much younger name, there’s Indian actor Freida Pinto, the newest Johnnie Walker brand ambassador. “I am a huge fan of Scotch and I was really excited to be part of #LoveScotch to help break perceived ‘rules’ and ‘traditions’ so often associated with Scotch,” says Freida. “Scotch is made to be enjoyed with good company — whenever, wherever.”

No rules, but if you’re fumbling and needs guidance, here’s where to start:

Bars and brands to try, and ways to drink Scotch.

And here are some ways you could experiment, courtesy of Ewan:

  1. Put the Gold Label in the freezer. Once it’s ice-cold, the taste and texture will be amazing. Ewan notes that this trick works well with creamy whiskies.
  2. Next up, ask your bartender to whip up a “Blood and sand cocktail” — or make your own. The cocktail is inspired by an old bullfighter movie of the same name.
  3. Lastly, instead of water, dilute your Black Label with coconut water. For full effect, Ewan suggests that you drink it by the beach.

#LoveScotch Festival is happening until March 15. Learn about the promos and different events you can join by following the hashtag and @JohnnieWalkerPhilippines on Facebook. It’s the perfect time to discover — and rediscover — Scotch whisky.

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