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When Christian Slater tells you you’re being hacked, you listen

Christian Slater, a.k.a. Mr. Robot (oops, was that a spoiler?) stars in HP Studios’ new web series, The Wolf. It’s the first of a series of global initiatives to elevate awareness of the security risks of facing businesses and consumers. The Wolf highlights how corporate networks can be hacked and what companies must do to protect themselves.

In the series, Slater systematically hacks a company — from the mailroom to the boardroom — through overlooked vulnerabilities and poorly secured printers and PCs.


A recent IDC report revealed that 84% of Asia Pacific organizations are operating with less-than-ideal IT security strategies in place. Although many IT departments rigorously apply security measures to individual computers and the business network, printing and imaging devices are often overlooked and left exposed. To help address this gap, HP is committed to delivering highly secure products and has a R&D lab focused on security innovation to ensure our printers and PCs are designed with security in mind.


HP’s latest enterprise-grade printers come with world-class security out of the box; their bios and firmware are secured and memory intrusion will be detected during run time. Organizations can also leverage HP Secure Managed Print Services for a range of scalable services from advisory and implementation to governance and compliance.

Watch and share the trailer and web series at For information about HP Secure, visit

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