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Art Fair PH: Eye candy for days — four, to be exact

Art Fair Philippines 2017 opens today and, as promised, it’s a bigger and bolder platform for Filipino contemporary artists — with lots of eye candy to boot. Running until Sunday, Feb. 19, Art Fair PH features 46 galleries, plus commissioned installations from Filipino visual artists, including Jose Tence Ruiz’s electric chairs, Agnes Arellano’s feminine goddesses, Dex Fernandez’s street art, Maria Jeona Zoleta’s adventures in fluorescence, and WSK’s Wall — room — of interactive sound.

Here’s a quick preview:

Tickets for Art Fair Philippines are at P250 each. For information on Art Fair Philippines 2017, visit, www.facebook/artfairph, @artfairph on Instagram and Twitter, or contact

Here’s what we’ve seen so far:

16731469_10158465756985495_1686014002_o 16805310_10158465756505495_302386265_o 16805129_10158465756465495_1734070082_o 16804877_10158465757200495_1093963526_o 16804865_10158465756640495_699889976_o 16804590_10158465757080495_1905165861_o 16777172_10158465756665495_1642879466_o 16776894_10158465757490495_1669042614_o 16776860_10158465756945495_1284648867_o 16776855_10158465757150495_881961446_o 16776415_10158465756925495_1888041154_o 16776408_10158465756540495_1672888048_o 16776336_10158465756450495_1030269963_o 16776208_10158465757035495_859459717_o 16776078_10158465757290495_149796390_o 16775973_10158465756805495_906340091_o 16763802_10158465757380495_241873933_o 16763685_10158465756855495_2078272882_o 16763499_10158465756730495_1641586558_o 16763466_10158465756680495_1079258072_o 16735711_10158465757275495_1805313061_o 16735662_10158465757170495_1379764218_o 16734814_10158465756810495_2072377071_o

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