15 words with Before You Exit

The brothers from Orlando are back. Before You Exit, composed of siblings Connor, Riley and Toby McDonough will perform tonight at the MOA Arena with British band The Vamps and California-based group The Tide.


Fifteen minutes are not enough to catch up with these charmers but who are we to complain? Before you march to the arena, read up on the 15 things we found out about Before You Exit.

1. STUPID — How they act when they’re together. While the band admits to having a fight every now and then, they actually do get along more that you would expect. “There haven’t been any (nasty) episodes. Usually it’s something just silly or stupid,” they shared. Sometime after the interview, we heard a bang and it was one of the McDonough boys falling on the ground.

2. MOM — The deciding force in a conundrum. “If we don’t agree, we think of how we can adjust something so it works for everyone,” they said. “And sometimes you have to call your mom into it, and then she chooses a side.”

3. EXPERIMENT — What they naturally do. Many have pointed out the change in their sound, to which they reply, “It’s been a natural process for us, growing up and trying new things. It’ll be really boring if we did the same thing over and over. We’re excited about where we’ve arrived at and super excited about the new stuff as well. Stuff you haven’t heard yet.”

4. VOICE — The biggest part of them that has changed. The band formed during their pre-teens and now they, except for Toby, are in their early 20s.

Listen to their latest song, Model and hear how they’ve evolved musically:

5. NAME — Something they thought hard about when forming the band. “We want to have a name that has meaning to it,” they explained. “We came up with ‘Before you exit, make a difference.’ We try to be the best examples of it.”

6. FUN — What they just want to have. “We always try to make the most of wherever we are. We don’t try to take ourselves too seriously. We just wanna have fun,” they said, then broke into song: Girls just wanna have fun!

7. ZZ TOP — One of the many artists they like. “We listen to everything,” they said, “from ZZ Top and Led Zeppelin to Bruno Mars.”

8. MICHAEL JACKSON — A person they wish they had met and felt like they could’ve been best friends with him. The band would’ve wanted to collaborate with him but thought he’d just outperform them all.

9. TACKLED — What one fan did to them today. But that’s not the craziest thing a fan has ever done to them. One time someone got into their hotel room.

10. COMPETITION — What is not happening between them and the bands they’re touring with — The Vamps and The Tide. “If anything, you just really learn from the way that they do things,” they said when asked about the dynamics between the bands on a tour.

11. SUMMER CAMP — A simile for Before You Exit’s US tour experience with The Vamps. “You wake up and do things like paintballing, going to movies, and then you get to play a show after,” they said. “So it’s pretty awesome.”

12. MAROON 5 — A band they’d like to go on a tour with. “We’re always trying to expand to different audiences. Whoever wants to listen, we’re happy to play for them,” they said. “It’ll be cool to play with artists like Maroon 5. We love them.”

13. VOLCANO — One of the sights they saw during their visit in the Philippines. They’d love to see more.

14. UNDERSTANDING — A quality they look for in a girl. “Someone supportive and understanding of what we’re doing,” the brothers said. “You also have to be able to hang out with them and be friends.”

15. CLUELESS — Their mother. “She doesn’t do music. She doesn’t even know the names of our songs,” shared the three. “She’s like, ‘It’s that you, guys?’ But she’s so supportive. She tries.”


(Photos by MIKE REBUYAS)

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