Real talk with feng shui #kween Maritess Allen

Everybody’s hoping that 2017 will be better than last year — but is it going to be? Here’s what feng shui expert Maritess Allen has to say.

If the Year of the Fire Rooster were a person, who would it be?  Duterte. Those who are 60 years old, are the Fire people, and those who are going to be born this year. (Carrie Fisher would have been 60 years old this year. Other celebs turning 60: Daniel Day-Lewis, Steve Harvey, Cameron Crowe, Katie Couric, Hans Zimmer)


If someone wanted to find love this year, what would he/she have to do? The ones with the excellent chance: the Rat, Dragon and Monkey. The Rabbit and the Rooster also have a good chance. This is also a year wherein infidelity and third party intervention will be very high, so my advice is to take it easy and look after your relationship.

What is the mantra that we should keep in mind this year? Watch your back. Simply because this is the year when backstabbing and politicking are very high that even your closest friends family will be turning against you.


The Pantone Color of the Year is Greenery. Do you agree? Fashion doesn’t follow feng shui! They have to come up with something. In the chart of the year, there are 4 metals, 2 waters, one fire, one wood. There’s no earth. And in feng shui, there has to be balance. You have to augment what is lacking. So in my book, I put earth tones, because it’s not there.

Is there such thing as a lucky face? Yes. Your eyebrows, your eyes, even the shape of your lips. This is why women always have to have a nice color on their lips. The world is becoming so sad and lonely, and then here comes another face of a person who is also dreary, it’s not so nice. The beauty business will be one of the most successful industries in 2017. Anything that has to do with health, yoga, beauty, wellness — because people now realize that life is too short so you might as well come out beautiful whenever you can. Did you know that people who wear uniforms are more productive than people who don’t wear uniforms at work? Same thing with me, I cannot work in my pajamas. Even though I’m not going to be out of the house, I have to be made up. So if you intend to work on that day, make sure that comes with your good attitude. Give your best.


What items would make a millennial lucky? From Frigga, we have the Infinity Bangles, the Mantra Ring, and the 12 Astrology bracelets — there’s a lot of pressure for millennials, so might as well be friends with everybody.

* * *

Maritess Allen is an author, former TV host, and the public face of feng shui in the Philippines. Her new set of books are horoscope forecasts for the 12 animal signs this 2017, the Year of the Fire Rooster. Each book is available for P399 at National Book Store. Her 2017 Almanac and Calendar (P780) and 2017 Daily Planner (P880) are also available. 

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