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Filipino theater actor Jake Macapagal returns in ‘Halfworlds’ season 2

A tenacious researcher named Juliet (Tia Tavee) is trying to uncover the secret world of demons that live amongst mortals. Armed with research by her late father, she goes on a quest for answers. While searching for an ancient artefact of great power, her actions draw the attention of the local Thai demons known as Peesaj. It is not long before her pursuit leads her into the line of fire of the Peesaj leader Charlie (David Asavanond), the mortal peace-keeper Warin (Nicole Theriault) and a Peesaj named Fyter (Peem Jaiyen), who is sent to kill her.

Emma Grant (Pym) and Myra Molloy (Wish)
Emma Grant (Pym) and Myra Molloy (Wish)
Tia Tavee of Asia's Next Model Cycle 2 (Juliet)
Tia Tavee of Asia’s Next Model Cycle 2 (Juliet)

Meanwhile, the Halfbreed Barata (Arifin Putra) is on a quest of his own that requires him to enlist the help of an old friend, Kaprey (Jake Macapagal). He is not the only one on a perilous journey, as fellow Demit Tony (Reza Rahadian) makes his presence known in Bangkok to find a lost love.

Arifin Putra (Barata)
Arifin Putra (Barata)
Peem Jaiyen (Fyter)
Peem Jaiyen (Fyter)

Halfworlds season 2 widens the universe established in the first season, transiting from the alleys of Jakarta, to the neon light-bathed streets of Bangkok. Directed by renowned Thai filmmaker Ekachai Uekrongtham (Beautiful Boxer, Skin Trade), this season features a stellar cast of leading Asian actors from Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and Taiwan.

Jake Macapagal (Kaprey)
Jake Macapagal (Kaprey)

Halfworlds season 2 (#HALFWORLDS) will be making its debut across Asia exclusively on HBO on Sunday, January 22, 2017, HBO Asia (#HBOAsia) announced today. The eight-part, hour-long dark action fantasy drama — the network’s first returnable series — will premiere with double back-to-back episodes at 9 p.m., on HBO. A new episode will premiere on subsequent Sundays at the same time, culminating with two back-to-back episodes on February 26, 2017Halfworlds season 2 will also be available on HBO On Demand and HBO GO.

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