6 new beauty products to start your 2017 right

New year, new regimen. It’s only right. That saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” only applies to those who have the EQ of Hillary Clinton on a presidential debate. For beauty junkies, there’s no such thing as waiting to finish the jar before buying a new one — gotta catch ’em all. So here are six new beauty products to give your regimen a boost, all coming out this January.



Why blue? The product is inspired by highly arctic climates called “blue zones,” where life has exceptional longevity. Aside from a prolonged lifespan, creatures here share a lifestyle characterized by four very ideal factors: healthy diet, regular physical activity, stress management and a close-knit social structure.

Key ingredients? Green coffee of Costa Rica, the olive of Sardinia and the lentisk of Greece

What does it do? Three active ingredients improve cutaneous longevity and activate the skin’s youthfulness. Application after application, skin appears younger and healthier. It is smoother and firmer, and the complexion is more even.



What are the three types? Clarins Booster Energy is the beauty booster for devitalized skin. It tones and re-energizes, minimizes signs of fatigue, and revives radiance. Clarins Booster Repair for weakened skin reduces feeling of discomfort, strengthens skin and minimizes the appearance of redness. Clarins Booster Detox for congested skin revives the radiance of a dull complexion, detoxifies and plumps skin.

How to use them? In the palm of the hand, mix 3 to 5 drops of your Booster serum with your regular day or night face cream, mask, oil, BB cream or foundation. An ultra-easy step to combine all their beauty benefits and obtain exceptional results. Use your Booster serum for a day, a week or a month — any time your skin needs a boost



Why do you need it? It sets and finishes makeup with a sheer, luminous glow — a necessity in this weather. It give the skin a flattering, soft-focus finish and keeps shine at bay.

Does it come in your shade? It comes in six shades so there should be one that fits you just right for sheer coverage.

Bonus: You can use it to set your eyes aglow. Apply Candleglow to eyelids for a discreet sheen. For added warmth, use a shade darker than your skin tone.



How to use it? Simply take a small amount in your hand, add a little water, then rub gently with the fingertips in circular motions. Before your eyes, the cream transforms into a rich, smooth foam, which you can then apply to the face. As soft as a foaming cushion, it delights the — and the skin — as it softly cleanses it. Enriched with shea oil (5%), it leaves skin perfectly cleansed, fresh and soft

What’s in it? In Burkina Faso, women make shea butter by hand. While you might expect their skin to be weakened by this process, it actually leaves their hands incredibly soft. L’Occitane discovered that the shea butter produced in Burkina Faso using traditional methods is rich in Omega 6 and karitene. These molecules have exceptional properties and help to hydrate, nourish and give extra protection to the skin every day.



Why do you need it? “Dry skin is a major contributing factor of premature aging; long-term dehydration can alter skin’s smoothness, suppleness and firmness,” said Jeff Murad, vice president of New Product Development at Murad. “Hydrated skin, on the other hand, functions better, feels smoother and looks younger. Helping the skin attract and retain moisture as long as possible is a critical component of anti-aging and this is exactly the reason the new Hydro-Dynamic products were developed.”

What does it do? This luxurious, yet lightweight cream has been modernized to provide 24-hour hydration* without a heavy after-feel. Offering both immediate and long-term benefits, this formula utilizes several high-performance ingredients: advanced hyaluronic acid technology that enhances skin’s ability to attract and retain water; coconut extract for superior moisture retention and smoother skin texture; and shea butter, avocado, sunflower and olive fruit oils to condition skin, helping to restore suppleness and support the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Claim to fame? In a Murad sponsored study, 92% of users reported fine lines and wrinkles appeared less visible in one week.



What does it do? Cold Plasma delivers what the skin needs in proper dosages. It improves elasticity, firmness, smoothness and brightness.

How to use it? Dr. Perricone suggests applying it morning and evening on cleansed skin, followed by a treatment or moisturizer if necessary.

* * *

All products are available at Rustan’s The Beauty Source.

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  1. naturalskincarediary

    I really want to try that Laura Mercier powder, it looks super pretty.


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