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Essentials from Colgate-Palmolive at 55% off on Shopee

We’ll totally understand if you hoard these essentials this month. Sure, you can get them at the grocery any other day, but on this special occasion, they’re at 55% off. Colgate-Palmolive offers big discounts on its hygiene products at Shopee’s 7.7 Mid-Year Sale. You can also enjoy free shipping and up to P300-off vouchers when you stock up on your everyday essentials on the sale dates.

1. Colgate Triple Action Anti-Cavity Family Toothpaste (Twin Pack): Cavities are common but completely preventable with proper oral care. Colgate® Triple Action with Multi-vitamins provides cavity protection, removes surface stains, and freshens breath. It has a minty fresh flavor that lingers in your mouth and adds confidence to your smile.

2. Palmolive Naturals Ultra Smooth Aloe Vera Shampoo (Pack of 3): Want long hair? There’s no magic potion for speedy hair growth, but you can make sure your hair reaches its full potential by taking good care of it. Palmolive Naturals Ultra Smooth Shampoo’s nourishing formula with Aloe Vera extract, instantly smoothens hair for effortless finger-combing throughout the day. Aloe vera is known for stimulating hair growth and soothing the scalp.

3. Irish Spring Original Body Soap (Pack of 6): It’s not basic, it’s classic. Get that crisp, classic scent you love with Irish Spring Original bar soap. This no-nonsense bar provides 12-hour deodorant protection, so you can feel fresh throughout the day.

Celebrate the mid-year with P66 and P77 deals, shipping discount vouchers, and 10% off daily at the Shopee 6.6 – 7.7 Mid-Year Sale. Visit the Colgate-Palmolive Official Store on Shopee.

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