This hygiene ally makes hand washing fun and easy

Lifebuoy, one of the world’s oldest and biggest soap brands, continues to make the
simple act of hand washing as exciting and fun as ever, helping everyone remember to keep their hygiene up!

Infused with fast-acting, highly potent, Activ Silver+ technology, which makes use of one of nature’s powerful germ-fighting ingredients, silver, this ingredient is key to combat 99.9% against unwanted germs. Available in soap bars, liquid hand wash and body wash, Lifebuoy continues to evolve to make hand hygiene easy and accessible for all.

DoTheLifebuoy now!

Lifebuoy returns as your hygiene ally with another #DoTheLifebuoy social media dance challenge! Created to encourage and remind young people to practice good hygiene by making it creative and entertaining, the #DoTheLifebuoy dance challenge makes proper hand washing routines more fun! Collaborating with well-known dance content creators, healthcare professionals on TikTok, Lifebuoy is here to help you stay protected against germs with the DoTheLifebuoy dance challenge:

Join the challenge and be one of Lifebuoy’s ambassadors! to know more about
the steps, just search #DotheLifebuoy on TikTok. Dancing while keeping yourself protected can be fun too!

Lifebuoy products are available on Shopee Mall and LazMall. For more information, visit Lifebuoy’s official Facebook page.

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