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Enzo Ferrari is one of Montblanc’s Great Characters

With its latest Great Characters Edition, Montblanc pays tribute to the life and legacy of Enzo Ferrari, the Italian motor racing driver, entrepreneur and founder of the Scuderia Ferrari, and subsequently of the Ferrari automobile company. The same passion for craftsmanship and innovation that defines the Ferraro brand has been applied in Montblanc’s atelier to create three different writing instrument editions that tell the story of an exceptional racing champion and engineering maverick who led his company to unparalleled prestige and created a legend that lives on.

Ferrari racing cars are more decorated than any other marque, having participated in every Formula One World Championship since the first season in 1950. Under the leadership of Enzo Ferrari, the Scuderia Ferrari team brought home 9 Drivers’ Championships and 8 Constructors’ Championships, making it the most successful team in Formula One to date.

Race for speed and innovation: The story of Enzo Ferrari

Born on 18 th February in Modena, Italy, Ferrari developed a passion for automobile racing as a young boy after attending a number of races with his father. On 17 June 1923, the 25-year-old Ferrari, by now a driver for Costruzioni Meccaniche Nazionali, won his first race at the Circuito del Savio in Ravenna. In the following year, 1924, Enzo Ferrari won first place three times, and by the end of his racing career, he had participated in over 40 races – often claiming one of the top places. However, Enzo Ferrari wanted to be more than a racing driver. His professional training as a constructor perfectly prepared him to found his own racing team, Scuderia Ferrari, in 1929.

Great Characters Enzo Ferrari Special Edition

Every design detail of the new Great Characters Enzo Ferrari Special Edition evokes the achievements and character of this pioneer of speed and automotive engineering. The color of the precious resin of the cap and barrel is inspired by the Ferrari color “Rosso 70 Anni.” The cone is engraved with two dates, one marks the birth of Enzo Ferrari and the other his first victory on a racetrack in 1923. The Montblanc emblem that crowns the writing instrument in yellow resin represents the colour of the city of Modena. It is embedded in a metal grid, inspired by a vintage car grill. The ring on the cap top features the engraving “OFFICINA MECCANICA ALFREDO FERRARI,” a reference to Ferrari’s father Alfredo’s workshop and his birthplace.

The writing instrument’s metal ruthenium-coated clip is laser-engraved with Enzo Ferrari’s own words: “You cannot describe passion, you can only live it”. The back of the cap reveals the iconic “Prancing horse” logo of Ferrari with a famous quote by Countess Paolina Biancoli (Le portera fortuna), who gave the horse to Enzo in recognition of her son who had it painted on his plane during World War I for good luck.

The edition is available as a Rollerball and Ballpoint, as well as a Fountain Pen with and Au585 solid gold rhodium coated nib engraved with a Ferrari 250 GTO wheel, one of the most famous Ferrari cars, with the addition of the word – “Pilota.”

Great Characters Enzo Ferrari Limited Edition 1898

With a limitation number of 1898 to mark the year of Enzo Ferrari’s birth, the Great Characters Enzo Ferrari Limited Edition 1898 features a cap and barrel made from metal evoking the surface of the original Ferrari 125 S engine. The two dates engraved on the cone reference the production date of his first car at his Maranello factory, as well as the date of the first racing victory ever for a Ferrari branded car. Testament to the importance of Maranello, the ring on the cap top is embossed with the address of the Ferrari factory where his vision became reality.

The Montblanc emblem, set atop both the Fountain Pen and Rollerball Pen of this
edition in the metal grill, is in frosted quartz to resemble the frozen windows on which Enzo Ferrari would practice his signature as a young boy dreaming to be a race driver one day. The Au750 solid gold rhodium-coated nib has been embellished with a Ferrari 250 GTO wheel, one of the most famous Ferrari cars, and with the word “Commendatore,” a nickname widely used for Enzo Ferrari.

Montblanc is available at Rustans Makati, Rustans Shangri-La, Rustan’s Cebu, Greenbelt 5, City of Dreams and Resorts World.

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