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WFH Set-Up: Why Two Screens Are Better Than One

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Working from home has many perks: not sitting through traffic, not having to wake up early to get ready, not staring at the office wall clock at 4:59 waiting with bated breath for that minute hand to set you free. Mainly, it has been convenient, however, it has its disadvantages, too. Being heavily dependent on the whims of technology makes remote work a tad stressful. No wifi, no power, no signal, not loading, not syncing, not sending — these are just a few of things that could go wrong in a day. I found that working with two screens: my Acer Swift laptop and Acer One 8 T2 tablet, makes the day-to-day more manageable. Here’s why:

Benefits of a second screen

Technically, I have four screens when I work: my laptop, my tablet, my phone, and on lighter days, my TV. But the core WFH set-up includes the first two. Why do you need a tablet on top of your phone and laptop? It’s not just about looking and feeling productive, but also about being efficient and being able to multitask. 

  1. For Working More Efficiently

Let’s face it, laptops aren’t made for calls, no matter how applications try to adapt. In this age of non-stop meetings, you’ve probably heard your laptop complaining, too. Low buzzing of drudgery and unusual heat sound familiar? 

When I use my laptop for meetings, it prevents me from working while I’m in the meeting or checking files or notes that are referenced. I use my tablet for calls that are heavier or more interactive and require collaborative work, so I can edit and adjust things as they are being tackled, instead of, to use my least favorite corp-jargon, “circling back” to it after. This gives me more time to work on other things after the call, as well. 

Having a tablet is also useful for households that share one computer. Smaller children can use tablets for learning while mom or dad works online. 

  1. For Mixing Business With Leisure

Motivation and productivity gurus will tell you that multitasking makes you less productive. While this might be true for someone who, say, has household help to do their chores, or is making enough money with one job, it’s not necessarily the case for most of us. The pandemic made me realize that I haven’t really been working that hard, until now, and even those with perfectly stable jobs have taken on side projects just to make ends meet, or save money for the proverbial rainy day. 

Working from home has forced us into becoming expert multitaskers, juggling home life and family time with the demands of work. Having a second screen, a tablet in particular, keeps your laptop and phone free to do their jobs, while the laptop can serve as a separate device for activities that make staying at home more bearable. Watching your favorite YouTubers, catching up on the news, or browsing inspiration for your next DIY project are just a few things you can’t do at the office. On top of this, allowing yourself to do things you enjoy stimulates your creativity and boosts your mood — maybe it also makes you productive at work. To each their own.

  1. For Everyday Practicality

Why do you need a tablet when you have a phone? If you’ve ever experienced being in a meeting on your phone and having four delivery riders calling you non-stop? Who would you choose, the delivery rider who is getting more and more agitated by the minute, or your boss who might call on you to report at any time? That is peak chaotic energy that can totally be avoided.

Having a tablet where you can join calls, watch webinars, or participate in online discussions, keeps things separate — in the age of Everything-From-Home, this is essential to our well-being. As much as possible, keep your phone free in case people need to contact you through that number, or you need to enter an OTP for a bank transaction, quickly take notes, or send a message in the middle of meetings. 

Get Your Second Screen with #AcerOnePlusJuan

Elevate your remote work or study-from-home experience with two screens. For a limited time, Acer is offering the #AcerOnePlusJuan promo, which entitles customers to a free Acer One 8 T2 tablet worth PhP5,990 for every purchase of an Acer Swift or Acer Spin Laptop. 

I have been using the Acer Swift 3X Ultrathin, 1.73 kg laptop, a reliable work-from-home partner, with powerful performance from Intel® Iris® Xe MAX and 11th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor. It can last for up to 17.2 hours of all-day use, even through the most intensive apps. 

The narrow bezel gives the user up to 84% screen-to-body ratio, so you see more of the 14-inch FHD IPS screen. This laptop also lessens eye strain Acer ExaColor™ and Acer Color Intelligence™. Run out of battery? Don’t worry, you can charge it for 30 minutes for four hours of use. 

The Acer Swift 3X also enables you to quickly connect to wireless networks with dual-band Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (GIG+) and Bluetooth 5.1. In addition, take full advantage of the plentiful array of ports such as USB-C™, Thunderbolt 41 and USB3.2 Gen 2 for fast data transfer and power delivery.

Get a free Acer One 8 T2 tablet, a handy device that’s perfect for online learning or video calls and remote work, when you buy any participating Acer laptop, available at leading Acer stores, authorized retailers, and through Acer online store: Promo is extended until June 15, 2021. 

* * *

Participating Acer Swift and Spin models: Swift 3 SF13-53-50TE, SF314-59-51GR, SF314-59-5934, SF314-59-77ZC |Swift 3x SF314-510G-58EW, SF314-510G-75FV, SF314-510G-77HY | Swift 5 SF514-55TA-54J7, SF514-55TA-71C1 | Spin 5 SP513-54N-53X8, SP513-54N-73ZX.

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