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Magnum Pints offer a fun, new ice cream experience

Magnum introduces a new way to make me-time even more pleasurable: the all-new Magnum Pints. Just like the ice cream bars, each tub is expertly crafted with Magnum’s thick, made-to-be-broken Belgian chocolate, which lines all sides of the pint from top to bottom. Inside the shell is smooth, Madagascar Vanilla ice cream and shards of more Magnum Belgian Chocolate. The pints are available in Magnum’s three signature flavors: Classic, Almond, and White.

Each Magnum Pint is carefully #MadetoBeBroken — a beautiful contradiction that explains the incredible care taken to create each tub, as well as the ritual the product invites pleasure seekers to experience. Awaken all senses of this multisensorial experience in just three steps: 

  • WAIT. Allow your Magnum Pint to thaw for 3-5 minutes.
  • CRACK. Squeeze the pack on either side and smash your spoon through the top. Hear that satisfying crack of the thick Belgian chocolate shell that envelops the velvety vanilla ice cream. Smell the aroma of Magnum’s signature Belgian chocolate.
  • INDULGE. Mix the chocolate shards with the vanilla ice cream and enjoy this simple pleasure — you deserve it!

Pleasure seekers can also access win exclusive Magnum Pints discounts and freebies by participating in the Magnum #MadeToBeBroken Promo. Search for the Golden Pint by tapping or clicking on the pints onscreen to unlock discounts ranging from 10% to 100% on your next Magnum purchase in 7-Eleven or Lazada.  

Magnum Pints are available in three flavors – Classic, Almond and White – in a 440ML tub for P360 SRP, in all leading supermarkets and convenience stores nationwide. For more information, visit the Magnum Philippines Facebook page.

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