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Maskne is real — here’s how you fight it

The face masks that we’ve gotten used to wearing to protect ourselves and others have an icky downside: it triggers irritation from oil, moisture, sweat and bacteria and leads to what endearingly called “maskne” or acne from wearing masks.

Skin 101’s new Maskne Set solves acne woes in four easy steps and it is available at 25% off only during Skin 101’s 9.9 sale until September 20 only. It includes the following:

Moisture Rich Facial Cleanser (P150) – a hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, and non-comedogenic cleanser that leaves skin moisturized and rids it of the dirt and bacteria accumulated throughout the day.

Renew Serum (P450) – formulated to give skin a renewed feel by preventing the formation of pigmentation spots and other signs of aging.

Acne Clear Gel (P300) – reduces inflammation and speeds up the healing process with niacinamide, which prevents occurence of breakouts.

Sunblock Gel (P200 – a cult product and the most important step in any skincare routine whether for staying indoors or heading out.

Aside from having an anti-maskne skincare regimen, wash masks regularly, as you would your regular clothing, or if you’re using the disposable kind, replace them every four hours of wear. Don’t forget to dispose properly! Another way to avoid maskne is to go makeup-free, and wear a breathable mask. Skin 101 recommends cloth-type masks. Surgical masks, which according to WHO are the most effective, are also good as long as they are replaced as recommended.

“All these products do the job on their own, but we carefully curated this set to address maskne problems,” said Dra. Jennie Diaz. “We hope to continue making skin care accessible to everyone, especially now. Skin care should never be neglected.” 

Skin 101 recently reopened more of their clinics. Schedule an appointment via For more information on Skin 101 products, visit Like and follow Skin 101 on Facebook and @skin101_ph on Instagram to stay updated on services and latest offers.

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