Cathay Pacific donates over 32,000 food wraps to charities in the Philippines

MANILA, PHILIPPINES — Cathay Pacific supports local communities by providing additional, much-needed assistance to those who have been most affected by the pandemic. 

The Cathay Pacific team recently donated over 32,000 food wraps to two charity organizations in the Philippines, Upskills Foundation and BaDAss Community Kitchen, providing meals to members of the community who are in need. 

“It’s important to be of service as much as we can, despite the issues in the industry, given the current situation globally and here in the Philippines,” said Robin Bradshaw, Country Manager for the Philippines. “We’re glad to be able to do our bit to help. We have continued flying to the Philippines through this pandemic, which only shows how valued the country and its travellers are to the Cathay Pacific Group. 

Bradshaw also brought up how natural it was for Cathay Pacific to reach out and help the Filipinos. “The Philippines has been an important part of our network for over 70 years, and will continue to be so. We will continue giving back whenever and however we can,” he added. 

In partnership with Cathay Pacific’s local catering arm MacroAsia Catering Services, Inc., the food wraps were heated and evenly distributed to the two charities. 

BadAss Community Kitchen expressed their sincerest gratitude for the support of Cathay Pacific in their shared effort to give the food wraps to military hospitals, healthcare frontliners, and locally stranded individuals in Batangas Cityas well as communities in Paranaque City isolated due to the pandemic. 

Scholars and residents of Brgy. 105 in Tondo, Manila were very thankful for Cathay Pacific’s generous donation according to Upskills Foundation as the food wraps gave the beneficiaries a reason to smile amidst the pandemic. 

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