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Refueling your creative tank during quarantine

Staying at home the past few months has pushed some to either go back to a hobby they let go of, or to find out where their skills secretly lie. From making banana bread from scratch to redesigning spaces to accommodate work from home routines, the quarantine has brought out our inner creators and designers, as a way of coping and maintaining a certain level of mental health. While others have picked these creative hobbies up fairly quickly, some may still be looking for inspiration or simply a clue on where and how to start. 

That eureka moment can come from anywhere — a song, an Instagram story, or even a reality show. If you’re still wondering how to keep busy in order to ease your mind while staying at home, here’s a list of four ideas where you can find inspiration to get going:

Practice your skills in the kitchen

The quarantine period might have led you to uncharted territory that is the kitchen and forced you to become best friends with your frying pan. If the first couple of dishes you tried cooking have left you feeling defeated, it might be time to take a crack at it once again, and Top Chef: Junior can be the inspiration for you. Featuring culinary masters of the future, from ages 9-14, the show’s two seasons may give you the kick you need, because if these kids can do it, maybe you can too. 

For the bakers who have perfected cinnamon rolls and cookies one too many times, the mouthwatering challenges on Top Chef: Just Desserts can take your craft to the next level. 

Top Chef: Just Desserts

Redesign your old clothes

Retail therapy is a tried and tested way to deal with stress, but with the quarantine ongoing, it hasn’t been readily available for everyone. Consider redesigning  or rethinking how to use your current wardrobe as a form of coping and take inspiration from The Rachel Zoe Project, It’s a Brad, Brad World, or Hollywood Style Wars. These stylist-centered series feature what goes on behind the scenes of creating top red carpet and event looks. That extra oomph – in the form of a reworked vintage piece from your parents’ closet, or added sparkles to an overused jacket – will make you feel like you’re wearing something new every time you step out for essential errands.

IT’S A BRAD, BRAD WORLD | Photo by Nicole Wilder

Experiment with beauty looks 

If you’ve already perfected your cat eye a thousand times over and dreamed of starting your own makeup vlog or Tiktok channel, now is probably a good time to create content. Take cues on how to elevate your beauty game from Face Off, where the best makeup artists come up with the most outrageous sci-fi, alien, and horror looks; Nail’d It,where top artists create out-of-the-box embellishments including LED nail art and delectable nail treats; and Hair Battle Spectacular, where hair stylists design out-of-this-world looks to sit atop one’s crowning glory.

Design your at-home workspace

With the quarantine forcing many to merge home and office, the lines between the two have suddenly blurred for the past few months. It’s important still to stay productive, while keeping a good balance between work and home life, and one way to maintain this is to dedicate a space just for accomplishing tasks related to your job. Watch Top Design or Best Room Wins to get ideas on how to rearrange your space to create a working environment perfect for you to stay productive at home.

Best Room Wins

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