Spotify Celebrates LGBTQIA+ creators and fans with 2020 Pride Campaign

Spotify unveils Unlike Any Other – a global Pride campaign celebrating LGBTQIA+ creators and connecting them to fans around the world. Unlike Any Other is all about empowering LGBTQIA+ creators by encouraging them to embrace their uniqueness and connect to new and existing audiences through the power of music and podcasts. 

Spotify’s Pride campaign in the Philippines features two local pride playlists: 

  • NEW PLAYLIST Bahaghari is the Philippines’ dedicated Pride playlist featuring works from international and local LGBTQIA+ artists and allies, including tracks like LOVE EVEN IF, This Love Isn’t Crazy and Hanggang Kailan Aasa. 
  • SPECIAL PRIDE EDITION of Kilig Pa More is the LGBTQIA+ twist on a hit romance playlist, offering the same electrifying experience unbound by neither gender or sexual orientation.

Meanwhile, the global campaign offers new content and experiences available in the hub including:

  • Amplify: Pride – a hub on Spotify dedicated to Pride so fans can find LGBTQIA+ music and podcasts.
  • House of ___ Ballroom Playlists – As recently highlighted in Kiki, Pose, and now LEGENDARY, the house and ballroom community has made its mark in greatly inspiring modern pop culture. This playlist series, in partnership with Pose runway choreographer Twiggy Pucci Garçon, celebrates this iconic movement with curated playlists by top figures of ballroom culture, including Jason Ozzie Ash, Byrell The Great, Jack Mizrahi Gucci and Jonovia Chase.
  • My LGBTQ+ Soundtrack – social share cards encouraging queer creators to celebrate their queer moments via song and invite their fans to share their own.
  • Out Now: Unlike Any Other – official Pride playlist highlighting the infinite amount of music genres represented by our queer community. 
  • Pride-Themed Playlists – the Amplify: Pride hub will include a variety of curated Pride-themed playlists for every listener, such as Pride Classics, Latin Pride, Alternative Pride, Queer as Folk, Disco Fever, Queer Composers, and more. 
  • Pride-Themed Easter Eggs: To surprise and delight both fans and creators, some features within the Pride hub will light up in rainbow colors.

A key element of Spotify’s 2020 Pride creative is the Progress Flag, which was designed by Daniel Quasar in 2018. The Progress Flag adds five stripes to the traditional rainbow Pride flag to represent trans and non-binary individuals, marginalized communities of color, those we have lost to AIDS, and those living with HIV today. 

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