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‘Kontra Covid’ Fights Coronavirus and Misinformation With Art

Battling viral enemies, respiratory illnesses and fake news alike

Kontra Covid is a submissions-driven information campaign that celebrates the talent and wit of Filipino artists while battling the biggest crisis the has faced this generation yet, COVID-19.

Taking inspiration from classic Pinoy Action Films, the campaign tells the story of good vs. evil, in particular, “Filipino families vs. Kontrabidang Covid.” The playful characterization takes intimidating and sometimes overwhelming tasks designed to help us fight COVID-19, and transforms them into bite-sized pieces of digestible, relatable, and highly shareable art.

The website calls for submissions from artists, designers and content creators from the Philippines. Here are some Kontra Covid featured artists:

Dex Fernandez
John Tan
Laraine Gazmen
Team Manila
Mark Gosingtian
Darling Ink
Addi Panadero
Uncurated Studio

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